3 Ways My Life Has Changed Since I Made a Budget

My husband and I have been married for 3 years and money was not something we had much control over. We easily spent money without thinking about the repercussions of it and now that we are in the position of having one income I found it was important to buckle down and take control of our finances.

When I first started thinking about how I wanted to set up the budget, I realized I needed to figure out how I wanted to keep track of it. Did I want to use paper? Would the computer be better? I have tried spread sheets and budgeting software. None of it worked for me. I tried several paper budgets and I find that this is the better option for us. I feel like I have more control and I am more aware of what I am doing because I have to actively write things down and crunch numbers. Continue reading


Weight Watchers and Travel

Tomorrow I leave for a visit with my mom, sister, and new nephew. It is a six hour drive and each mile that passes I know there will be the temptation to stop for a burger or something else unhealthy. This will be my first real challenge with
food since I have joined Weight Watchers.


I decided to take control of the situation and I went out and bought snacks for the car ride. I bought bananas, carrots, pretzel crisps, mandarin oranges, and strawberries. I love to snack. I wanted to pick options that were low in points or had no points at all. Continue reading

Ultimate Trader Joe’s Shopping List

I love Trader Joe’s! If you haven’t been there, you need to change that, soon. The closest Trader Joe’s is an hour away from me, and while the trip may be long, it is totally worth it. Especially since there is a Starbucks across the street.

When I’m preparing for a shopping trip, I often get out a pad of paper and a pen, and go through all of my cabinets to see what I need, and make a list, I love lists. When it comes to Trader Joe’s, I typically buy more than I need, because it is so far for me and I can’t make the trip regularly. I look for sales and try to keep track of my spending regularly, so I try to keep this sheet handy when I’m planning my trips. Continue reading

To Weigh or Not to Weigh?

That is the million dollar question! I joined Weight Watchers three and a half weeks ago. I don’t have any meetings near me, so I joined the online version of the program. I was already familiar with the program and I figured this would be a good option for me. I do my weigh-ins each Saturday morning after I wake up. I find that this is the best day for me to receive good or bad news. It also meant I needed a scale that was reliable at home.

I have a scale from several years ago that is digital and accurate to one decimal place. I knew this could still be a good option for me, so I have stuck with it. My biggest problem is that I am addicted to weighing myself. Every morning after I wake up and use the bathroom I find myself back on the scale hoping for good news. So far my weight has fluctuated back and forth one to two pounds, so I haven’t been too worried. I just can’t wait a week to weigh myself. If I miss a day I panic. I then find myself reaching out to my new friends. Continue reading