Case of the M’s: Mondays & Marriage

It is definitely a Monday. That, I don’t have to question.

When I started this blog I was interested in sharing my story. That means my entire story beyond weight loss. I turn 30 this year and my husband just turned 36. I have a career and I am highly educated, based on the degrees I hold, but my life still is not complete. I struggle personally and in my marriage.

Marriage. That is what I am struggling with most today. I am not unhappy in my marriage, don’t get me wrong. My husband is supportive, loving, and dedicated to our relationship. I will never doubt that aspect of us. My husband is still finding who he is and what he is meant to do with his life. He has tried multiple careers and can’t settle on one that makes him happy. This leads to unnecessary judgement from anyone who thinks he should be working full time and its hard. My struggle with this is wanting him to be happy and finding a career that does this.

In his heart he is creative and it is this creativity that drives him away from what most individuals would call a perfectly good job. A job with full time pay and benefits. At my old job I knew the income I was bringing in was not enough for us. We were barely scrapping by with both of us working full time. EducationI was lucky enough to find a new job that doubled my income alone. The downside is my new job is in the rural country in the south and there is nothing for my husband. We took a risk and I accepted the job. Now we live on just my salary and my husband is writing a book. He really is a creative genius, and I’m not just saying this. He can create a plot and storyline that twists, turns, and could make Stephen King take a second look. He has great potential and finally the opportunity to do something with it. So why not?

What I struggle with most is being responsible for bringing in our only income. Crunching numbers to make sure our budget is as tight as possible. Supporting him emotionally through a bad writing day even after I am exhausted and want to stuff my face. I’m not asking for a pity party. I’m actually asking myself to revaluate my needs and wants as well as what makes me happy.

I came across an e-book called “The Joy of Less” by Cary David Richards. It was free and figured, why not! One of the questions the author asks is, “What makes you happy?”. This question floored me. The more I thought about it the more I realized I didn’t know. I have spent so much time making others happy that I haven’t thought about myself. I have spent so much time being a people pleaser that I didn’t actually think about what I need to be happy in life. I even asked my husband what makes me happy and he laughed at the fact I had to ask him that. He said one thing to me, “You like to learn”. After completing a bachelors, masters, and being half way through a doctorate it is safe to say I do like to learn. The more I thought about this idea the more I realized it is true. I LOVE learning. It can be about anything. What I am most interested in right now is living on a budget and single income. I am also interested in health and learning the best approach to my weight loss. I became a teacher because I love learning and sharing knowledge.

While today may be a case of the Mondays & Marriage. I have managed to figure out what makes me happy and find a way to share that. My husband may drive me crazy and I may stress about only living on one income, but in the end we have each other and we are both happy.

As I find new ways to save money and get healthier I will share that with all of you. I look forward to your comments, suggestions, and support!

Happy Monday!


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