Fitbit – Fitness or Accessory?

I have recently seen the Fitbit soar in popularity over the past year and I have seen it sky rocket in the Weight Watchers community. It is unbelievable how popular it is. I have made new friends that swear by this little device. So naturally I had to follow the crowd! When we got our tax refund, I got myself a Fitbit Flex, in teal – color is everything right? It is a fitness bracelet that tracks steps, sleep, calories burned, and distance walked. Perfect for what I need. There are several models that have many features that I simply wouldn’t use, so I got the Fitbit that maximized my money investment and would help me in achieving my fitness goals.

I set it up with my iPhone and decided I needed some goals. The Fitbit automatically sets up a goal of 10,000 steps because that is what is recommended by the American Heart Association. I bought my device at night, so I made the next day my starting day. I was really only interested in getting my baseline steps in so that I had a better idea of where I was at with my regular activity. As I got through the next day I was stunned to see I was only walking about 3,000 steps at the end of my work day. Totally unacceptable! The Fitbit Photobest part was, I was hooked on this little device! I couldn’t stop walking when I got home. I was determined to get every step in, even if it meant I had to walk in place, which I have done now MANY times.

Since day #1 with my Fitbit, I have hit 10,000 steps. I have been determined to do it and I have grown so much in such a short time. The two gray areas in the photo show the first day I got my Fitbit, and this morning, as I am working toward my goal. It is an incredible feeling to see the bar turn green and the happy face pop up on my phone.

My husband decided he wanted one as well, so we ventured out and got him the Fitbit Charge HR. The benefits of this model, are that it has a heart rate monitor and a screen that shows the date and time and other information that it can track throughout the day. It can also show caller ID but I don’t find this useful personally. He loves it!

Overall, I find the Fitbit to be a great purchase for both us, but I am sure there are other options out there that are equally great and less expensive. I like having the app and the ability to watch my friends progress as they reach their step goals. It adds a level of accountability that I need to be successful. If I didn’t have my tax refund, this would not have been a purchase we would have made, because they are quite expensive. Our budget doesn’t allow for extras like this, so being able to gift this to ourselves was really exciting!

I also want to add that I don’t receive compensation for talking about the Fitbit or any other product. I simply find it very useful in my weight loss journey and would recommend this device or any other product that does something similar. Every person has their own journey. Whatever it takes to get there, as long as it is healthy, I support it.


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