To Weigh or Not to Weigh?

That is the million dollar question! I joined Weight Watchers three and a half weeks ago. I don’t have any meetings near me, so I joined the online version of the program. I was already familiar with the program and I figured this would be a good option for me. I do my weigh-ins each Saturday morning after I wake up. I find that this is the best day for me to receive good or bad news. It also meant I needed a scale that was reliable at home.

I have a scale from several years ago that is digital and accurate to one decimal place. I knew this could still be a good option for me, so I have stuck with it. My biggest problem is that I am addicted to weighing myself. Every morning after I wake up and use the bathroom I find myself back on the scale hoping for good news. So far my weight has fluctuated back and forth one to two pounds, so I haven’t been too worried. I just can’t wait a week to weigh myself. If I miss a day I panic. I then find myself reaching out to my new friends.

What I love most about being on Weight Watchers is the Connect Community that is available to join on their mobile app. It is absolutely incredible! I have made so many new friends on there, several of which are now frequent visitors of this blog. I wouldn’t be where I am at without you all! We share stories, recipes, victories, and defeats. It is a no-judgement zone and a safe place for individuals like me to socialize and make friends. I have always lacked confidence in myself, but for once I feel like I can shine because of Connect.

One of the issues I have seen on Connect that users keep struggling with, is figuring out whether or not their scale is accurate. Many users are able to attend meetings for their official weigh-ins and then become disappointed when their loss is smaller than what their home scale showed. Here is some advice to make sure that your home scale is accurate.

How to Check the Accuracy of your Home Scale

  1. Make sure your scale is level.
  2. Keep your scale on a flat surface. Tile or ceramic flooring works best. Carpet tends to lead to inaccuracies.
  3. Take a bag of flour that you know the weight of (typically a bag of flour is 5lb.) or a 10lb. free weight and place it on your scale. If the flour is close to 5lb. or the weight is close to 10 lb. you are in good shape!
  4. If the scale is accurate leave it in its new location and try not to move it. If you decide to move it to another room double check that the weight is still accurate.
  5. If the weight is not accurate consult the manufacture on how to calibrate your scale properly.

I followed these steps recently using a 10 lb. free weight. My scale measured 10.2lb. I am happy with this number and now my scale sits in my spare bathroom.

Whether you only check your weight at weigh in, or whether you are a daily weigher like myself, remember that you are more than just a number. You lose inches, gain energy, sleep more soundly, and feel stronger each day that you commit to a healthy lifestyle change.

I hope to see more of you on Connect and I look forward to your feedback! I would love to hear more of what you would like to see on here!


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