Weight Watchers and Travel

Tomorrow I leave for a visit with my mom, sister, and new nephew. It is a six hour drive and each mile that passes I know there will be the temptation to stop for a burger or something else unhealthy. This will be my first real challenge with
food since I have joined Weight Watchers.


I decided to take control of the situation and I went out and bought snacks for the car ride. I bought bananas, carrots, pretzel crisps, mandarin oranges, and strawberries. I love to snack. I wanted to pick options that were low in points or had no points at all.


Pretzel Crisps

I started by bagging up the pretzel crisps. 11 crisps is a serving, so I went ahead and portioned out two bags – one for the trip up and one for the trip back. These are incredibly addicting, so I know if I don’t have them pre-portioned, I will just continue to snack on the entire bag. I’m only taking these two baggies with me so I won’t be tempted to cheat.


I also wanted to pre-package my carrots because all food, regardless of whether it is a fruit or vegetable, should be eaten in moderation. I love my food scale by the way. I picked it up at Walmart two weeks ago and I don’t know how I managed to go this long without it. Be sure to zero out the mass of the container you weigh your food in so that you get an accurate weighing.

Bananas and Oranges

A tip for bananas is to tear them apart after you buy them. It takes them a bit longer to ripen and the bananas last longer on the counter. You can also cover the tops with plastic wrap to delay ripening.



I also had to have strawberries. I love the taste and freshness of them. Always rinse your fruit and vegetables before eating. I also dry my berries on a paper towel as much as possible before bagging them to help prevent mold.

Clean Strawberries

Here is the break down of my treats!

Bananas – 0 SP

Carrots – 0 SP

Pretzel Crisps – 3 SP per bag

Mandarin Oranges – 0 SP

Strawberries – 0 SP

No matter where your journey takes you, there is always time to track, pre-pack, and plan for the road. As always keep checking back for new updates.


2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers and Travel

  1. Kristy says:

    Great tip about the bananas! I heard this on Connect in regards to berries: fill your clean sink with cold water and add 1 cup of vinegar. Add your berries, swish around and let soak for 10 minutes. Then take out the berries and spread them out on paper towel to let air dry. Put them in a bowl uncovered in the fridge. The vinegar is supposed to kill the bacteria that makes them go bad so fast (without imparting a vinegar taste 😉). Haven’t tried it but plan on it! Just thought I’d pass it along.

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