Fitbit – Fitness or Accessory?

I have recently seen the Fitbit soar in popularity over the past year and I have seen it sky rocket in the Weight Watchers community. It is unbelievable how popular it is. I have made new friends that swear by this little device. So naturally I had to follow the crowd! When we got our tax refund, I got myself a Fitbit Flex, in teal – color is everything right? It is a fitness bracelet that tracks steps, sleep, calories burned, and distance walked. Perfect for what I need. There are several models that have many features that I simply wouldn’t use, so I got the Fitbit that maximized my money investment and would help me in achieving my fitness goals. Continue reading


Weekly Meal Plan Hustle Sampler

I am in the process of developing a weekly meal plan with recipes and calculated SmartPoints included. The idea is these recipes will be quick and easy as well as fit within a budget. I’m sure this will be a trial and error process but I am excited to learn with you! Here is what a typical day could look like: Continue reading

Case of the M’s: Mondays & Marriage

It is definitely a Monday. That, I don’t have to question.

When I started this blog I was interested in sharing my story. That means my entire story beyond weight loss. I turn 30 this year and my husband just turned 36. I have a career and I am highly educated, based on the degrees I hold, but my life still is not complete. I struggle personally and in my marriage. Continue reading

Progress & Banana Pancakes

Yesterday was weigh-in day and I am now down a total of 13.2 pounds! Typically after two-three weeks I give up by convincing myself that I have this under control and it is okay if I slip up. Well, one slip turns into two and then three…Not this time!

I got a lot of grocery shopping done this weekend and house cleaning. I am looking to start a cleaning challenge but I’m not quite sure how I want to approach it. More to come on that soon. My Spring break begins after this week so I will have more time to dedicate to such things.

I also tried a new recipe today which was incredible! I made banana pancakes that didn’t involve flour. I’ll be adding a recipe page to make it easier to find things. This is all new to me so I’m not expecting this to be pretty at first. Here is the recipe with the Smart Points value included for Weight Watchers: Continue reading

The Beginning

Beginning…what does this mean? When does starting over no longer become the beginning again? Starting over describes my life countless times. Being overweight is what I have been my entire life. For as long as I can remember I have always been considered “plus size”. I have tried countless apps, fads, and calorie counting books. I have tried winging it and I have tried doing this with friends. Losing weight isn’t easy and never will be. It can’t define who I am. My weight isn’t what defines me. It is what limits me. I technically started this blog two years ago and Pear Dishcouldn’t truly commit. I told myself once I lost my first ten pounds I would jump in and tell my story! Well here I am, back at the beginning, but this time I am 10 pounds lighter!

I decided to do Weight Watchers. I started Jan. 30, 2016 and my third weigh in is tomorrow. I don’t have a meeting location near me so I am just doing their online option. I feel driven and supported. I think I found what works for me. Continue reading