Weekly Meal Plan Hustle Week #1

I have been working really hard today to put together a weekly meal plan and grocery list that is Weight Watchers friendly. I have found that I personally struggle when it comes to making meals on-the-fly. If I have meals pre-planned and know the point values of everything I am in better shape. Below you will find a shopping list and a Monday – Friday meal plan with recipe links for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Be sure to check the serving sizes to make sure you shop for the right amount of food. The servings and shopping list are based around cooking for 2 people because my family is just my husband and I. Also, be sure to check out my Ultimate Trader Joe’s Shopping List for my favorite finds!

Weekly Meal Plan Hustle #1 Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan Hustle #1 Shopping List

Soon I will be adding the budget aspect of this list where I break down the cost of each item and show how these meal plans can be followed for less than $100 a week! I have one day broken down here as a sample of what is to come.

Keep working hard fellow Weight Watchers’ and keep checking in for new updates!! I hope you all have as much success as I have had with these meal plans.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan Hustle Week #1

      • evescaba says:

        I do the same!!! I try to use up what i have left now till sunday so like today i just threw together left over vegetables like beets, pepper, red onion , carrots with a tahini dressing i prepared in the beginning of the week. I make a dressing every monday for the week and every week different. Now im gonna make my menu for the week so im not shopping everyday . I play around with dinners on my insta flavorful_fit check my recipes. Easy healthy recipes .


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