Join the Spring Cleaning Challenge!

I have been sitting on my butt and being lazy while on spring break. With one week left in my break I feel it is really time to do some cleaning and get ready for the last marking period of the school year and jump into Spring and Summer.

I have been looking around for a home organization challenge that fits my family’s needs and home. What I have found is great, but too generic for us. I need something that fits my home.

I have established a timeline beginning tomorrow. The first task will be tackled tomorrow. Here is my timeline:

Bathroom Challenge

Kitchen Challenge

Day #3 Master Bedroom

Day #4 Spare Room/Office

Day #5 Hall Closets

Day #6 Living Room

Day #7 Entry Way

These days can be moved around to best suit your needs around the house. I am starting with the Bathroom Challenge, tomorrow. There is no better way to start your week then with a clean bathroom! I will post the new challenge document each day so be sure to follow my blog to receive my updates on the challenge.

I hope to see many of you join me! Are you up for the challenge? What challenges do you enjoy doing?



5 thoughts on “Join the Spring Cleaning Challenge!

  1. SusieQ says:

    I posted a similar challenge today myself on Facebook 🙂 I started by cleaning out the kid’s drawer in the cupboard and putting all of the bottles (which have never really been used because I had two boobie monsters) into a plastic bag – to give away. Tomorrow I am tackling my closet 😳

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