Day #1 Spring Cleaning Challenge

What a day already!

My students were banging around at 8am and woke me up (I live in a dorm apartment). I think they forgot I’m on spring break still. I “forgot” to do the dishes last night so I woke up to a disaster of a kitchen and couldn’t make coffee until that was done. I then started a load of laundry and found out our washer is leaking. We were able to get a repair man over here pretty quickly only to find out the washer is fine, the drain is clogged. *duh, face palm* So now we have to wait for a plumber tomorrow, hopefully. I’m sure it is a simple fix with a snake but we try not to do repairs around here that aren’t straight forward. We are fortunate enough to not have to pay for repairs where we live.

So this leads me to the Spring Cleaning Challenge Day #1, bathrooms!

We have 2 1/2 bathrooms here and only 2 of us. We still manage to make all three gross enough to need a thorough cleaning on a regular basis. I was able to tackle everything except washing the shower curtains, rugs, and towels because of our washer now being out of commission. I’ll have to do that as soon as that clog is gone. It feels great to have clean bathrooms and smell the freshness when you walk in.

Tomorrow’s goal is to tackle the kitchen. I am really looking forward to that because it is a room I use so frequently. I’ll have the kitchen cleaning document posted tonight.

My husband made an incredible homemade pizza for dinner tonight and we are kicking back and watching Home Improvement. I hope you all have a relaxing Monday!

How did your first challenge day go? Did you have any hiccups like I did?



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