One Income, Once a Month – Budget

So it’s that time of month again, budget time. I have been pretty lazy with our budget for the past two months and our accounts definitely show it. I was absent from here yesterday because I spent the day cleaning my kitchen. I am so behind on my spring cleaning challenge!

I have decided to mix things up a bit with how I use my budget this month, and I have chosen to use the cash envelope system. I get paid once per month which seemed nearly impossible at first and my husband is still writing his book so this is not bringing in income yet. We are working off of one income, once per month. Once that money is gone, it’s gone. When I first started working my current job trying to budget this once a month income was really hard. We ran out of money countless times and I had to turn to little sources of income which were insignificant but helped in the long run. My favorite is Swagbucks, I’ll do a post on this later. I earn at least $10 a month on this little site and I choose Amazon gift cards since I am a Prime member. Its fabulous!

Anyway, back to my budget.

We have already reduced our cell phone to the lowest plan possible, we don’t pay for cable or satellite, and I have lowered our insurance as much as I can. I’ve re-evaluated our expenses countless times and can’t seem to find any additional savings there.

This month I have settled on a $300 food budget for two people (sticking to whole food and organic), $60 for our three pets, and $40 for gas. I live and work at my job so our travel expenses are very low. Looking at the calendar there are five weeks between pay days for Budgetme so I have to plan accordingly. For our food budget, I have decided to do a breakdown as follows:

Week #1: $75

Week #2: $50

Week #3: $75

Week #4: $50

Week #5: $50

The $75 weeks are higher for buying eggs, milk, and other essential items that we tend to run out of after the second week. I am in the process of making a 32-day meal plan for breakfast/lunch/dinner with each week broken down into shopping lists. From there I am going to coupon as much as possible for what I have on my list to try and save a few extra bucks. This is incredibly time consuming! I keep reminding myself of how great the next month will be knowing I don’t have to think about what to make for meals.

It will be even better when I can harvest from my garden!! I can’t wait.

How do you save in your household? Have you tried the envelope system before?


3 thoughts on “One Income, Once a Month – Budget

  1. CoffeeFox says:

    hello 🙂
    this is really helpful
    I’m trying envelope system right now but more for saving than for budgeting and I may actually use this not as a wee tip how to make it work better and actually budget things better
    thank you 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shannonbiggs122 says:

    My husband and I are trying to live off one income at the moment but use the other income for savings! (Although we tend to dip in and out of that money a bit) your post helped remind me that once the money runs out from the one income that’s it, the money is gone, instead of dipping into my savings money!


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