Accountability – Owning Up to Your Mistakes

WeightYesterday was weigh-in day and just as I expected, I gained 1.8 pounds. Does this bother me? Yes, but I know exactly why this happened. I was lazy, didn’t get my steps in at all, and I didn’t track all week. I didn’t take care of myself the way I have been since starting Weight Watchers. In my mind I was driven to change what I was doing, but I kept making excuses for myself and for my actions. Yes, I was on Spring break and I felt like this vacation was my chance to relax a bit. The disappointment I have in myself after this gain is because I relaxed too much. I should have used this vacation to recharge my motivation and get back in the game.

So this is me owning up to my mistake this past week. This is me owning up to the changes I need to make. I tracked yesterday and today so far. I also started a fat loss workout program through Fitness Blender so that I can accelerate my workouts. I completed the fitness test Workoutyesterday for my baseline and did my first real workout on the fat loss program today. Holy cow! It kicked my butt. I actually started sweating like crazy. Anyone that knows me knows that I hate to sweat. I hate being sticky. Here is my baseline data:

1 Mile: 14 min. 51 sec

Push-Ups: 2

Squats: 15

Plank: 5 sec

Sit and Reach: 13 inches

I’ll have an update on my progress as I work through this fitness journey.

As the remainder of the school year kicks off tomorrow I have to remind myself that no matter what happens day-to-day, I’m worth it. It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to fall off the wagon. As long as I am willing to admit when I make a mistake and take the steps to correct it, I will be okay.

What steps do you take to get back on track when you have fallen off the wagon?



2 thoughts on “Accountability – Owning Up to Your Mistakes

  1. Liz says:

    This was good to read! I’ve fallen off the wagon, felt bad about, ate more because I felt bad and was on the verge of spiralling into old habits! Thanks for the reminder to draw a line under it and start again. Each day is an opportunity to improve.

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