What Are You Thankful For?

It is a rainy day on the East Coast where I live. Spring break just ended and I’m currently watching the students shuffle in slowly, resuming their normal activities. 11 weeks until summer. Yes, I keep count. You don’t? This is my 5th year of teaching science. My specialty is Chemistry. When I completed my Masters, I was told that most new teachers quit by year 5. New research shows that this might not be entirely true anymore. I definitely fit into the “not quitting anytime soon” category. Reflection

I’m sitting at my desk, watching it rain, enjoying my coffee and english muffin, which I tracked, and I am reflecting on how lucky and happy I am. I might be over weight and not the healthiest right now, but I am alive. I have a home. I have food. I have friends and I have love. I am happy. What more could I ask for? Other than a million dollars and Ryan Reynolds to come visit my classroom.

I started the Fitness Blender 4 week Fat Loss Program on Sunday and man is it kicking my butt! I completed the upper body and cardio portion yesterday. Just a note, I don’t get anything from that link. They have a ton of free full length videos on YouTube. I bought that particular program so that I had a workout calendar to keep me on track and wanted to share the link I used to purchase it.

I am sore and tired, but I feel good. I feel like I am getting stronger and it is kinda scary. I hate exercising, sweating, and anything that has to do with getting off the couch, but yesterday felt empowering. My energy is increasing and I feel like I can actually do this exercise thing!

So while it may be raining and dreary today, remember that no matter what obstacle you face, you are worth it and you can do it! Life is a really incredible thing.


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