Tips for Beginner Green Thumbs

Good morning everyone! It is a blustery cold first day of Spring but that won’t stop me from having a productive day. I will never claim to be an expert in gardening, but I am trying my best to learn as much as I can. That being said any advice I offer may not be the best or even make sense but I am learning as I go. I started my container vegetable garden a couple of weeks ago from seeds and it is making a great deal of progress! I couldn’t be happier with it. Here is my advice so far:

Quality over Quantity

Buy quality seeds over quantity. It is a very small investment, and really not that much money to put out in the beginning. I opt for certified organic seeds so that I know the seeds are not pre-treated with chemicals of any kind. Here is information about the difference between treated and non-treated seeds. You also have the option of saving your seeds as well after your gardening season so that you don’t need to repurchase seeds again next season.


This might seem like common sense but many people just toss some seeds in some soil and hope it works. It is very important to research what you are planning on growing. There are several varieties for each vegetable and choosing the right one for your garden is important. When I decided to do a container garden I had to focus on vegetables that would work great in pots. I chose bush beans and container friendly squash as a couple of examples. It is important to know the commitment you are getting into. If you plant a vine vegetable you need to have poles or lattice for it to climb. Makes sense right? You need to make sure you buy the correct tools to get the job done correctly.

Be Willing to Work

Gardens take work. Don’t expect to plant some seeds, let it go and reap the benefits later. You get out of it what you put into it. Be sure to weed, water, and properly fertilize your garden regularly. It can actually be a relaxing and gratifying experience getting your hands dirty and harvesting all of your vegetables.

You are going to make mistakes and learn a lot! That is the beauty of gardening.

What gardening tips do you have that are tried and true? Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates!


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