How to Start Leading a Minimalistic Life

I was recently reading a post from a fellow blogger, SusieQ over at Family, Fun, Fitness & Food. Her most recent post is about empowering one another and not focusing on the competition that life often presents. It is beautifully written and really helped me remember why I choose to live my life the way I do.

Thinking about this reminded me of how rewarding it is to live a simple life, one that is minimalistic. One way that I have been working towards empowering myself is pushing aside possessions, pushing myself in new ways, and ridding myself of barriers that stop me from being happy.

So how can you take steps to lead a minimalistic life? Here are some beginning steps to begin the process:

Make Goals

What do you want to achieve in the short and long-term? What is preventing you from doing this? What do you need to do this? It is important that the goals you set are realistic and achievable.

What is Important to You?

Is it important to you to get your nails done once a month? Donate to charity? Bake from scratch? Whatever is important to you, make a list. These should be things you are not willing to compromise on. Think long and hard about this list. If you have any doubts on whether something should go on the list, wait and come back to it later. Minimizing your life means making changes to cut the unnecessary things out. This doesn’t mean you lose who you are or what you stand for. That is where this list comes into play.


Start going through your belongings. What can you part with? What means the world to you? That prized baseball from your first home run, is it stuck in a box? Why not display it? The goal here is to get rid of things that you no longer need, whether that is through donation, yard sales, or trashing it. The next part of decluttering is to find those items that mean a great deal to you. How are they stored? Do you put your meaningful items on display or are they better off packed away? Are your treasures packed properly? Not only is decluttering important for cleansing your life but this will also give you a chance to make sure that your memories are preserved.

This is only the start to your new minimalist life. What are your goals? What steps are you taking to get there?

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2 thoughts on “How to Start Leading a Minimalistic Life

  1. SusieQ says:

    Thank you for reading my post. I love that it was relevant to someone 🙂 I think we’ve gone so far in the direction of possessions and competition that it will take focus and a plan to follow to start thinking about the things in life that are ACTUALLY important 🙂

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