Tips & Progress – Garden Update

The weather here has been nuts! Warm then cold and then warm and just when I think its going to stay that way, cold again. Finally we have a warm streak coming. We started our seedlings pretty early for our area (Virginia). We are doing a lot of “babying” and taking our pots in and out a lot. Everything has started to grow except for our peppers! We don’t have a greenhouse set up because we have no place for it.

Here is our progress so far:

I only had enough soil to work with two containers I have on hand. When looking at our containers we realized that the bottoms of them are solid and do not have proper drainage IMG_2305.JPGfor our vegetables.

One big piece of advice, which you will see in any gardening book, make sure your vegetables have proper drainage. We drilled several holes in our pots because they are not very large. I’d estimate 5-6 holes per pot. We have three containers so we went ahead and did all three so that they are ready for planting.

The next step that I took was filling the container and deciding which seedling I wanted to transplant. I did a bit of research and found that the squash and bean plants I have are in a good position to be transplanted so I picked one of each. IMG_2310.JPG

I filled the container with soil to the top and dug out a small hole in the middle. It is important not to crowd your container, especially with these crops. Squash and beans take up a great deal of space and need the extra room. We are planting one per container.

As I said in a previous post, we are using the starter pots that can be planted directly in the soil but I am worried it won’t work as well as I want it to so I peeled away the starter pots, exposed the new roots, and planted that directly into our containers.

IMG_2320.JPG         IMG_2318.JPGIMG_2315.JPG        IMG_2317.JPG

Our tomato plants also look great so far. They are small as expected, but thriving. It is an amazing feeling to look at these plants and know I helped this grow from a single seed.

If I can stress anything with gardens, be patient. It takes time. We will most likely go several months before we have a real yield from our garden. Don’t give up on your garden!

How are your seedlings doing this Spring? Have you made any progress on your gardens? I would love to hear about it. Leave me a comment!

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