3 Tips to Reduce Food Waste

I’ve been thinking a lot about food waste in our house and I am very driven to reduce the amount of food we waste on a daily basis. In a previous post I mentioned that the amount of food waste that currently exists is 53%. That is more food going to waste than there is being eaten. That baffles me.  I have been trying to come up with ways to establish waste free eating and here is what I have come up with:


Seems like common sense right? It is actually pretty easy! I will have a separate post on how we built ours. Composting bins are very handy for breaking down vegetable scraps and eggs shells. It creates a very nutritious fertilizer for gardens. If you are making your own garden this is a great way to keep it healthy and rejuvenate the soil.


Leftover food after a meal often gets tossed or saved and forgotten about. How can you change this? Cook less food so there are no leftovers or plan a leftover night each week. We have gotten tired of cooking lunch and dinner regularly so we cook extra food for dinner and my husband uses the leftovers for lunches. This saves us 7 meals a week in our menu planning. That’s huge! You can also save leftover raw vegetables, like onions and carrots, to make vegetable stock or chicken stock.

Shop Local

I love farmers markets! In fact, farmers market season starts in a month here. I can’t wait. I love seeing all of the vendors and supporting local business. The reason I added local shopping to my list is the ease of shopping for exactly what you need in small quantities. This gives you an opportunity to pick and choose the fruits and vegetables that you want to purchase. You are less likely to waste food that you purchase this way.

How do you cut food waste in your home? What advice do you have for someone trying to make these changes?

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