How I Earn Extra $$$ Each Month

One of the websites that I absolutely LOVE is Swagbucks. It is very easy to earn Swagbucks and cash them in for gift cards. I always go with Amazon gift cards. I have been using this site for years, pretty much since it started. I log in each morning and complete the Daily Poll and the Daily Offers to earn SB (Swagbucks) and once I have 500 I cash them in for a $5 gift card to Amazon. I earn around $25 a month using this program and I barely do any work. Here is what I typically do to earn SB:

Watch Clips

I click on the “Watch” option and set it and go. I pick clips on food, fashion, health, and home. Usually whatever I am in the mood for that day. I get to work around the house and listen to tips and tricks that are useful for my every day life. I typically earn 35 or more SB passively through this method. Sometimes I am able to earn much more. Depends on how much I need to do around the house and how much I feel like listening.


Depending on how much patience I have in the evening I will sit down and complete surveys. They are simple and I typically snag one or two 100+ SB surveys each night. These add up quickly. The best part is once you meet your daily goal you earn a bonus for that day. It is super easy to achieve!


This is a section for you to see new content available. It takes only a few seconds to view and you can easily earn 1-10 SB depending on the content and length of time spent on it.


This one is HUGE!! You earn SB for shopping that you already do. Right now the special is 7 SB for every dollar at Amazon (there are tons of stores participating). I bought a new jacket on Amazon tonight for $52 and earned 364 SB for an item I needed. I earned almost $5 back just by shopping for something I desperately needed.

I strongly encourage you to try it out! It is free, safe, fun, and it doesn’t hurt to earn a few bucks here and there.

Have you tried Swagbucks before? What do think? What other sites do you use to make spare change?


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