The Hike That Moved Mountains

What a week it has been since I last posted. I left for my trip last Thursday and was away until Saturday afternoon. The trip was eye-opening and so incredibly motivating. Hike 1.JPGThursday I had the opportunity to learn more about the history of the area where we live and had a chance to collect water data to understand the health of the river we live on. I met some very interesting people who are passionate about their community and the history here. It was very humbling to meet people who have had such an impact on this area. On Friday we went to an organic farm and met the owner. We toured her property and we got to taste her freshly grown spinach. So good!! That afternoon we went on the hike I was so nervous about.

We were in Shenandoah National Park. Because our time was cut a bit shorter than we had originally planned we were unable to attempt the big 8 mile hike. We settled for a 7 mile hike instead. Either way I was nervous! I was the last one in the group working my way up the mountain and I was slow, but I did it!! I made it all the way to the top! This was the view I had once I got there.


I was exhausted, cold (it was soooo windy), sweaty, and ready to quit but I was so proud of myself. I made it to the top and never thought I was going to get to that point.

Hike 2If I can encourage you to do anything, pick a goal and take the steps to achieve it. It felt amazing when I got to the top and my students high-fived me and cheered me on for making it to the top. Some of the students told me they were proud of me and they were so happy I pushed through the challenge I faced. Many know about my weight loss journey because I want to show them the right way to face a challenge and how to achieve success in weight loss the healthy way.

I thought the title to this post was very appropriate with how I am feeling. I climbed a mountain. Me, the person who HATES exercise, who makes excuses to do anything other than exercise, climbed a mountain, and that mountain moved me.


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