Tuna with Corn & Back Bean Salsa Salad Wrap

Tuna with Corn and Black Bean Salsa Salad Wrap

1 – 5 oz. can of Tuna in Water, drained, 1SP

1 Whole Grain Flour Tortilla with Rolled Oats and Flaxseeds (Trader Joe’s), 4SP

Salad Greens, 0SP

1 Slice of Thin Provolone, 1SP

Prepared Corn and Black Bean Salsa Salad, 3SP

Total: 8SP

  • Layout the whole grain flour tortilla and place the slice of cheese in the center
  • Add as much or as little salad greens as you would like on the wrap
  • Flake the drained tuna linearly across the greens on the tortilla for easy wrapping
  • Spoon a serving of Corn and Black Bean Salsa Salad onto the tuna
  • Wrap and serve!

This is a delicious and fresh dish for lunch that totally beats the typical PB&J. Pair with fruit or serving of chips to make this meal more complete.