Unplugged & Giving More Than 40%

What a crazy week this has been already. I am leaving tomorrow morning for a 2 1/2 day camping/hiking/educational experience with about 50 students. We will be rained on, cold, and possibly snowed on. It is going to be exhausting, exhilarating, and exciting. I am really looking forward to this trip!


While I am away I won’t be using a computer, phone, or any other technology. The goal is to learn about the river we live on, look at the impact the communities have on the water quality, and hear the stories of those who live there. We will be unplugged and engaged in nature. This is something that most teenagers don’t have an opportunity to do. I love my job! Continue reading


3 Tips to Reduce Food Waste

I’ve been thinking a lot about food waste in our house and I am very driven to reduce the amount of food we waste on a daily basis. In a previous post I mentioned that the amount of food waste that currently exists is 53%. That is more food going to waste than there is being eaten. That baffles me.  I have been trying to come up with ways to establish waste free eating and here is what I have come up with: Continue reading

Motivated Couch Potato

Oh Mondays!

Monday was just a blah day. Granted it was a Monday right? I came home from work and was not motivated to do anything. Vacuum the house that I put off this past weekend? Nope. Do the dishes left from the day before? Sure, only because I need to make dinner. Eat half of my weekly points? Hell yea! Watch hours of Grey’s Anatomy? That happened.

No matter what I told myself in my mind, I couldn’t get off the couch. I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything but eat and watch T.V. The weather has been so cold lately that all I could do was wrap up in a blanket and hibernate for the night.

Continue reading

How to Start Leading a Minimalistic Life

I was recently reading a post from a fellow blogger, SusieQ over at Family, Fun, Fitness & Food. Her most recent post is about empowering one another and not focusing on the competition that life often presents. It is beautifully written and really helped me remember why I choose to live my life the way I do.

Thinking about this reminded me of how rewarding it is to live a simple life, one that is minimalistic. One way that I have been working towards empowering myself is pushing aside possessions, pushing myself in new ways, and ridding myself of barriers that stop me from being happy.

So how can you take steps to lead a minimalistic life? Here are some beginning steps to begin the process: Continue reading

What Are You Thankful For?

It is a rainy day on the East Coast where I live. Spring break just ended and I’m currently watching the students shuffle in slowly, resuming their normal activities. 11 weeks until summer. Yes, I keep count. You don’t? This is my 5th year of teaching science. My specialty is Chemistry. When I completed my Masters, I was told that most new teachers quit by year 5. New research shows that this might not be entirely true anymore. I definitely fit into the “not quitting anytime soon” category. Reflection

I’m sitting at my desk, watching it rain, enjoying my coffee and english muffin, which I tracked, and I am reflecting on how lucky and happy I am. I might be over weight and not the healthiest right now, but I am alive. I have a home. I have food. I have friends and I have love. I am happy. What more could I ask for? Other than a million dollars and Ryan Reynolds to come visit my classroom. Continue reading